Me, My Friends, and Them...

Hello people of Earth or whatever planet you're from. It's me, the Shinigami Tamer here. When I'm talking about me I'm talking about myself, obviously. When I'm talking about my friends then its my friends that I'm talking about. And when I'm talking about them, its just them. So yeah, thats just the way things are. To protect my innocence, I shall use codenames for the members of the Them group. As for my friends, I feel safe enough using their real names. And for me, you shall know me as Haruka Shinigami, or the Shinigami Tamer.

November 25, 2008

Well, Hello~

HIHI~ I'm still alive, amazingly. ^^ Well, here I am. I noticed I haven't updated in a while so here is something I wanted to tell you people. I'm bored because I have no school this week, while my almost all of my friends do. T.T I miss them. I also got my wisdom teeth pulled today. AND IT FRICKEN HURTS NOW. Which sucks. *sigh* Oh well, at least my mouth tastes like blood. ^^ Which is fricken awesome, except for the fact that I was drinking coffee earlier. So ya, coffee and blood don't mix. T.T Oh well. Lawlz. Boredom. Today was good, ish. And I think it might continue to be good. :] Hopefully. Lawlz. ^^ Hihi, well I have nothing much else to write because nothing else has happened really. Well, nothing interesting. Well, a lot has happened actually, but I don't feel like writing about it all. ^^
-Haruka Shinigami

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