Me, My Friends, and Them...

Hello people of Earth or whatever planet you're from. It's me, the Shinigami Tamer here. When I'm talking about me I'm talking about myself, obviously. When I'm talking about my friends then its my friends that I'm talking about. And when I'm talking about them, its just them. So yeah, thats just the way things are. To protect my innocence, I shall use codenames for the members of the Them group. As for my friends, I feel safe enough using their real names. And for me, you shall know me as Haruka Shinigami, or the Shinigami Tamer.

November 20, 2008

Is this possible?

Well, of course, I'm here once again to rant about life. And currently that life I'm talking about sucks. *sigh* I seriously didn't believe life could get any worse. But as always, when you believe things can't get worse, they do. What is that called? The Universe? No. Life? Unfortunately, yes. Of course, right when things are beginning to get better everything takes a turn for the worse. And now, once again, I'm alone with so much work that I believe life is no longer worth living. I'm sick of everyone saying that me and Ether make a perfect couple. And almost to the point of puking with the joke/seriousness of everyone saying Andy and I would make a picture-perfect/perfect couple. *sigh*, is it possible for this to get any worse? I do hope not because I'm truly sick of it. The next chance I get to leave this house, I'm going to go over to the high school and just run laps to get my mind off things. Hopefully that time will come soon. *sigh*, I hate my life right now.
Hating the shit life brings,
-Haruka Shinigami

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