Me, My Friends, and Them...

Hello people of Earth or whatever planet you're from. It's me, the Shinigami Tamer here. When I'm talking about me I'm talking about myself, obviously. When I'm talking about my friends then its my friends that I'm talking about. And when I'm talking about them, its just them. So yeah, thats just the way things are. To protect my innocence, I shall use codenames for the members of the Them group. As for my friends, I feel safe enough using their real names. And for me, you shall know me as Haruka Shinigami, or the Shinigami Tamer.

October 11, 2008

I Learn in a Musical Way...

Yesterday I learned that I learn best through music. I am music obsessed so I was kinda expecting that. I like to tap my fingers to a beat and hum. I prefer to have music playing when I'm doing homework or studying. I also like to play musical instruments-bass guitar, violin, and trumpet. I'm in music class at school. So it's kinda obvious that I learn in a musical way. In second place for the way I learn is naturalist-nature. I observe nature and things around me. The third way that I learn is spacial-visual. Drawing, and other artistic things. So it appears that I learn in many different ways. The way I learn least is logical/mathematical. I'm sorry (not really) but I just hate math-even though I'm good at it. So in a quick overview, I now know that I learn in many different ways, but best with musical things.

Lost in my own thoughts,
-Haruka Shinigami

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