Me, My Friends, and Them...

Hello people of Earth or whatever planet you're from. It's me, the Shinigami Tamer here. When I'm talking about me I'm talking about myself, obviously. When I'm talking about my friends then its my friends that I'm talking about. And when I'm talking about them, its just them. So yeah, thats just the way things are. To protect my innocence, I shall use codenames for the members of the Them group. As for my friends, I feel safe enough using their real names. And for me, you shall know me as Haruka Shinigami, or the Shinigami Tamer.

October 10, 2008


Well today the 8th graders (yes, I'm in eighth grade) had to take our gown photos for the yearbook. Not fun, not fun at all. I was at the end of the line and it took forever. While at least the other teacher didn't have a class my period so it went by faster than most the other classes. Luckily for me I got to take my picture first period-before I had to go to PE. I still don't get why they didn't let the 8th graders out of PE. I mean, most of the girls did their hair all neat and tried to make themselves perfect looking (I'm not that type of girl). And PE just so happens to get your hair and make up messy. So yeah, we had photos today and it was totally not fun. Mostly because of all the preperation needed to take this picture. I generally don't like to have my picture taken so I hate it more than other people.

While, I'm bored, again. But I bet you knew that because I'm always bored. Unfortunately I have to go to campfire tonight and guess's going to be freezing.

Trying not to freeze myself,
-Haruka Shinigami

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