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Hello people of Earth or whatever planet you're from. It's me, the Shinigami Tamer here. When I'm talking about me I'm talking about myself, obviously. When I'm talking about my friends then its my friends that I'm talking about. And when I'm talking about them, its just them. So yeah, thats just the way things are. To protect my innocence, I shall use codenames for the members of the Them group. As for my friends, I feel safe enough using their real names. And for me, you shall know me as Haruka Shinigami, or the Shinigami Tamer.

October 12, 2008

Oct. 12 in Santa Cruz...

Today I went to the Santa Cruz with my brother, uncle, and Alda. We spent an entire hour waiting for food at Denny's. After we ate we all drove to the beach. We walked on the beach for a couple of hours. As we walked toward the boardwalk we (as in Alda and I) drew chibis in the wet sand. They look a bit demented but were still cute. I wish I had a camera because I wanted to take pictures of them. Then we went and walked on the boardwalk. We stopped at this dart booth and stared at the prizes, which were guitars, for about 30 minutes. My uncle tried to win us a guitar but he missed the red stars so yeah, no guitar. :[ We walked toward the mini golf section and we stared at the pirate things for around 15 minutes. Then we were bored of staring at useless things so we paid a dollar to watch the Ask The Brain thing. Bullcrap. So funny. We walked around the arcade place and eventually went back toward the beach. On the way back toward from the boardwalk we (Alda and I, again) drew broken hearts with different couples initials in them. Like thirty times Alda drew a broken heart that was sewn together again with the initials AL and AC. Quite funny. When we got back to the beach we were originally on we looked at this cliff wall and we found a drawing of a heart with the initials AL + AC in it. So very funny. I had to climb up the cliff nearly 7 times to take photos of it. I'm still laughing at that. Then we had to come home. Alda came over to my house and we played rockband for like an hour but then she had to go home. And now I'm posting this. Awesome.

Laughing my head off still,
-Haruka Shinigami

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